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Dynamics Portals : Add a local login control on the home page

Dynamics portals are a great solution to create portals and expose Dynamics 365 data to people not using our beloved XRM application. One of our customers asked us to have a login control directly on the home page instead of having to click on “Sign In” link, then show the login page, then log… I think you got it. The problem is the login page is a hidden page that cannot be customized. So, I found a (dirty) way to handle this request. First, create your own login controlIn my home page template, I added two input controls and two buttons (Sign In and Lost password), like below, nothing fancy.

The code is the following
<h3>Identifiez vous</h3><divstyle="display:none;"id="loginMessage"class="alert alert-danger"></div><div><divclass="form-group"><labelfor="txtLogin">Nom d'utilisateur</label><inputtype="text"class="form-control"id="txtLogin"placeholder="t…