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New Tool ! View Layout Replicator

I announced this tool almost two months now and I'm proud to release it: the view layout replicator!

This tool will save you lot of time (except if you like updating Xml by hand, anyway): You can desing only one view for an entity and then, use this tool to replicate the modifications to the other views.

For example, we all customize "All active accounts" for our customer but how many do the same with all others public views and Quick Find, Advanced Find, Related View,etc?

With this tool, you can replicate any view to any view except one product restrictions: There can't be associted entity column in a related view.


MSCRM 4.0 update rollup 2

A new rollup is now available on Microsoft Download site.

It seems to correct our bugs that appeared with rollup 1. Don't need to install rollup 1 before, if you didn't.


JScript : know which action raised onSave event on form


I didn't have noticed a useful property for the onSave() method in crm Forms, I talk about the property "event.Mode".

This property lets you know for which reason the onSave() method has been called:

Here is the list of event:
None : 0Save : 1SaveAndClose : 2Delete : 3Load : 4Deactivate : 5Reactivate : 6Email Send : 7Email Reply : 8Email Forward : 9Kb Submit : 10Kb Reject : 11Kb Publish : 12Kb UnPublish : 13Kb Rate : 14Lead Unqualify : 15Lead Qualify : 16Quote Accept : 17Quote CreateOrder : 18Order ProcessOrder : 19Opportunity AddRelatedOrder : 21Opportunity AddRelatedQuote : 22Opportunity AddRelatedInvoice : 23Quote CreateRevision : 24Quote CloseQuote : 25Order CancelOrder : 26Invoice Close : 27Quote GetProducts : 28Quote Activate : 29Email ReplyAll : 30Contract Hold : 31Contract ReleaseHold : 32Contract Cancel : 33Contract Renew : 34Product ConvertToKit : 35Product ConvertFromKit : 36ContractDetail Cancel : 37Contract Invoice : 38Contract Clone : 39Incident Cancel : 40…