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Monday, December 1, 2008

Error when creating a queue, it looks like a bug

My colleague Didier, and I, have discovered a strange behavior with security roles and queues.
When you look at the SDK for minimal set of privileges required to create a queue, you can see the following list:
  • prvAppendQueue
  • prvAppendToUser
  • prvCreateQueue

There is just one problem… In the security role interface, there is no Append privilege for Queue, so you can’t set it to enable Queue creation.


This problem makes the Queue creation form difficult to use as the lookup controls are disabled but mandatory... You also need to know that this problem occurs only with security role you created from scratch.


To resolve this problem, there are two solutions:

  • Copy the administrator role (which contains the Append privilege on Queue entity, even if it’s not visible) and remove inappropriate privileges.
  • Export the role, and add the following XML line in the appropriate role node:

<privilege name="prvAppendQueue" depth="Global" />
  • Import the role you changed

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