Tools update : Secure connection added

As you might have noticed, my tools didn't support SSL when establishing connection with CRM Server...

It is now corrected! All tools can access crm website using https

The next update will be to enable IFD authentication... Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said…
Great tool Tanguy, but i just realized that the tool doesnt delete the records from the database, even doesnt change the DeleteStateCode from 0 to 2. So, What do you do?? cause the records arent shown in the Crm but there are in the db. :S. Hope you could help me. Thanks. Best Regards.
Tanguy said…
In fact, you must understand that my tool does nothing else that asking the CRM server to create a bulk delete job regarding the view you selected.

So my tool doesn't delete anything or mark anything as to be deleted.

If your records are not deleted, then there is a problem with your server or the configuration of the bulk delete job (start date for example).

First thing to check is that the asynchronous processing service is running...

Then look into system jobs if you can see the job creation.

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