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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Update: Access Checker

Thanks to Andrew request (see previous post comments), I uploaded a new version of the tool.

New features:
  • Tooltip on each privilege to see the privilege ID
  • A "name" resolution is made against the object ID specified (I use the primary attribute of the entity)

I will focus next on the peformance of the tool (I need to do some clean up on the CrmService reference to speed the tool)...



Vladislav Osmanov said...

In order to speed up the tool try to use filtered views queries instead CrmService.

After that will be possible to write SQL-query to check required entity access privileges for one pass.

Tanguy said...

You are rigth but this requires to have access to the SQL Server.

As all my tools supports IFD authentication, I don't use the filteredview method...

But trust me, By cleaning the web service reference (ie. remove all classes not used in the tool), it will speed up the tool

Vladislav Osmanov said...

Yes, IFD, IFD...

BTW, how many projects IFD has you done?