Tools Update: IsvConfigManager and FormJavaScriptManager

That will surely be the last update for these tools (unless you discover a bug Sourire).

Isv Config Manager changelog:

  • Remove publishing feature (Isv.config doesn’t require publish)
  • You can now add button without Title element
  • Add Expand/Collapse feature
  • Add Read/Write Xml feature : You can now see what is the corresponding Xml for a treeview element. You can also add a treeview element by pasting xml content.

See the capture of these new features :


Form JavaScript Manager changelog:

  • Ability to load script files from a directory AND all its sub directories
  • When opening again the folder browser, it starts from the current selected folder

As usual, you can download these new versions using the right hand pane of this blog.

EDIT: I didn’t let you the time to discover a small bug when inserting xml content into a treeview element, so don’t ask me, just download the tools again…


Anonymous said…
Hi, i'm sorry for my english but i have this error in FormJavascriptManager, when i publish my entities:

System.Exception:Error while importing Isv configuration: Cascade link type 'NoCascade' is invalid for Delete. en FormJavascriptManager.Managers.CustomizationManager.ImportCustomization ..... en FormjavascripManager.Form1.Import(Object autoPublish)

Thanks for your help.

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