New tool (alpha) : Ribbon Editor

Ribbons… such a beautiful new feature of Dynamics CRM 2011 but so hard to manage. We all know how to add a button to an existing group but doing more is complex due to all ribbon components, rules and actions available…

So, I’ll try to help you by releasing a new tool: the ribbon editor.

Ribbon Editor

This is not a wizard, you still need to know how a ribbon behaves but you shouldn’t need to learn all ribbon possibilities anymore…

I help you… I now need your help! There are so many possibilities that I can’t test and validate every ribbon possibilities. That’s the reason of the “alpha” release. So please try this tool and provide feedback on codeplex.

The more people try this tool the more bug will be identified and corrected!

The codeplex page where you can find the tool is located here :


pallavi said…
After creating connection, its showing an error, Details of an error- " Error while retrieving organizations: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.IdentityModel, Version=, Culture-neutral, Public KeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' or one of its dependencies. The System cannot find the specified.
Anonymous said…
When I have these messages, it's mostly because the Windows Identity Foundation is not installed. Try to download here and install this on the client(not available on XP I think).
Anonymous said…
Can help you to fix it on xp if you need :)
Darren Mercieca said…
I am getting this error after I connect to the organisation.

Exception: ArgumentException
Message: 1 is not a supported code page.
Parameter name: codepage

Any help please, this tool would save me a ton of time!
BK said…
For people using windows 8, you will receive an error when you try to install the Windows Identity Foundation. Instead of downloading it, there is a parameter on Windows 8 to turn on. For the steps, have a look here

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