New tool: Role Updater for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Two weeks ago, one of my customer ask for some new entities in its CRM application. This was too easy… Well, my customer has also plenty of security roles and I had to update each of them regarding this new entity… boring!

So, you know what? I wrote a tool to update multiple roles in a single operation: The role updater.


How it works:

  1. Just click on “Load Roles and privileges” to display all master roles and list of all privileges.
  2. Check the roles that need to be updated
  3. Check the privileges to add or remove:
    • If privilege addition, select the access level associated with the checked privileges. Then click on button “Add Privilege(s)”
    • If privilege removal, just click on button “Remove Privilege(s)”

As usual, the tool is available on codeplex

Do not hesitate to comment, review and track issue on codeplex


Dave Berry said…
You magnificent Frenchman! I could kiss you for this! Splendid work!
Tanguy said…
Thanks David!

I'm sure it can be improved but it already can save lot of time...
uMar Khan said…
You are the man. I was looking for something similar. Thanks.
Jamie Miley said…
I don't plan on kissing you anytime soon, as I understand is acceptable in French culture, but I and my close friend Andrew Zimmer (who helped nominate you) think this is pretty darn cool. Keep up the good work.

Donna E said…
Awesome, awesome, awesome, is that enough accolades to keep you coming back for more :)

I have been waiting years for a tool like this. So happy to never again have to sludge through the process of updating security roles one-by-one every time I add a custom entity.

You're the best and we appreciate you! I'm sure this is definitely worth some beers at summit :)
Tanguy said…
Thanks for all your incredible feedbacks! I really appreciate!

Can't wait the light switch on in my head for another productivity improvment tool :)
Tanguy said…
And can't wait the beer at summit too :P
Anak Ayam said…
Do you have rool updater for crm 4.0?
Tanguy said…
No, this tool does not exist for CRM 4.0

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