New tool ? No… New assembly!

As some of you might have noticed, new versions of my tools are using an assembly called McTools.Xrm.Connection.

This assembly is one of mine… I just extracted connection specific classes from my tools project and created this assembly.


I was wondering if I should make it public… it is, now… That should helps developers to create application without thinking about how to connect to CRM Online, OnPremise or IFD… This assembly should do it for you…

I wrote a small documentation on CodePlex to help you include this assembly in your projects.
You can access this assembly, its documentation and source code on CodePlex :
Just one more thing: Use this assembly in any project you want. If your project will be publicly released, you should indicates that you used this assembly (in an “about” form or anywhere else).

Hope this helps!


locuranet2 said…
Hi! the link is

Tanguy said…

To difficult to work during week end :)
Mulukutla said…
HI Tanguy,

Is there any tool for MS CRM 2011 to verify user access, just as like CRM User Checker for MS CRM 4.0.

Tanguy said…
None I'm aware of...
Anonymous said…
When we use the latest version of your connection class from codeplex, it is able to retrieve the organizations, but as soon as I select one and press "OK" it says: Unable to validate user inputs.

Could you tell us what the problem is?
Tanguy said…
If you have this kind of message, then you are not using the latest version of the code.

"Unable to validate user inputs" message is no more used.
Anonymous said…
Could it be then that the dll from codeplex is out of date? Because I downloaded that one and it is showing that message (Just retried it).
Anonymous said…
Actually I also grabbed the dll from your "CRM_Solution_BulkExport_V" and I'm still getting the same error.

It does get the organization list, so I am pretty sure it works with our ADFS setup :).
Tanguy said…
There is an update of source code that I didn't release as an assembly download...

If you download the sourcecode and recompile, this problem will disappear.

And, please, for the next question, do use CodePlex
RJMD said…
An exceptional assembly, thank you Tanguy!

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