A simple way to access all available organizations on a CRM instance

During a project where we needed to access multiple organizations on a single CRM instance, I was asked to develop a small web page that will list all available organizations.

As it is really a small utility, and with the project leader agreement, you can now use it for your own purposes!

It displays the friendly name (clickable), the unique name and each web services (also clickable).

Here is what it looks like


You can download sources here

To install it:

  • Create a new site on IIS on the CRM server
  • Authentication mode should be Windows integrated with impersonation enabled
  • The appPool must be executed with Framework .Net 4.0
  • copy archive content to the root folder of the new web site
  • Convert the folder to an application in IIS


Unknown said…
Hi Tanguy ,

Nice posting ,Thanks for sharing .

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