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Monday, June 24, 2013

What to expect for my new tool to come

Last week, David J. was asking to the MVP list how to get more accurate data when comes the time to translate CRM customizations. His concern was to get contextual information about the terms to translate. I can only agree with him… When exporting translations, you just get an ID and the term to translate. You don’t know where it is used…

So my next tool will be a tool that exports data to translate, but with contextual information. The tool will of course be able to import these data back to the CRM application. Export and import will be managed in a supported way using web services only.

What will be included

  • Entity names and descriptions
  • Attribute name and description
  • Boolean, Picklist, State and Status OptionSet Attribute labels
  • View name and description
  • Form name and description
  • Form Tabs name
  • Form Section name
  • Form Field name

All these items have been tested successfully on UR12 organization. I still need to check if new forms are structured in the same way than classic forms. And I have to manage Global optionsets but I know it will be easy.

The export will produce an Excel workbook with multiples sheets


Each sheet will have its own columns (see Form tabs example below)


Release date?

I don’t have one yet. The export/import engine is almost finished but I need to develop the UI too. And I’m on holidays tomorrow for three weeks so I won’t touch a keyboard during this time (well, almost) so I assume the tool will be ready by the end of July.


Jeff said...

Hello Tanguy, I hope you have great holidays !

Do you know when you could release your translation tool for CRM ?

I'm waiting for it to translate my CRM project.



Tanguy said...

Hi Jean François,

The tool is ready but in test phase. I can send it if you want to try. Please send me your email.

Unknown said...

Hi Tanguy - good day!

I'm working on some CRM stuff and just want to ask if
1. Is it possible to change the target url of the home page grid for specific entity? That is, if I click/double click the grid row it will open an external url.
2. In addition to question #1, how about opening it in a tab instead of a new window?


Tanguy said...

Not sure your question is related to this post but:
1. Not possible
2. It's a browser setting, not application settings. You can define that IE opens popup in new tab instead of new window

Unknown said...

Hi Tanguy,

Yes you're correct, my question is not related to this post but I just posted it here because I tried searching the issue for couple of days but didn't get a chance to find any answers.

Thanks for your help!!!