New XrmToolBox Plugin : Easy Translator

Hi all,

As I wrote few weeks ago, I was working on a translation tool. It is now finished and available as a XrmToolBox plugin.

The features are described in my previous post

Just few more info:

  • I tried to include ribbon items translation. Even if I was able to export ribbon labels, there is no way to update them directly using SDK (except exporting/importing solutions).
  • After having exported translations, please do not change anything on the Excel workbook structure, especially sheets name and colorized cells.
  • When using this tool, please backup your organization before importing translations. I made some test but can’t assure there is no risk even if I’m only using supported methods

Here's what the interface looks like


As usual, to download it, go to CodePlex


Rob said…
In the MSDN article ( translations are exported from and imported to an unmanaged solution. Then the translations move with the managed solution.

Does this tool have the same limitation of working only with unmanaged solutions? Or can I update the language of a managed solution as well?
Chris Adams said…

Nice tool, shame it doesn't do the ribbon customizations too, this is what keeps failing for me using the OOB export translations, but this tool doesn't support them :-(


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