Change the default dashboard in Dynamics CRM 2013 with XrmToolBox SiteMap Editor plugin

I updated the SiteMapEditor to allows you to change the default dashboard that is displayed when navigating to a Dashboard SubArea in Dynamics CRM 2013.


To do so, follow this procedure:

  1. Connect the XrmToolBox to your organization
  2. Open SiteMapEditor plugin
  3. Load the SiteMap
  4. Navigate to an area that is a dashboard page
  5. Click on the “Browse” (…) button in the details panel (Default Dashboard Id)
  6. Select the dashboard that should be displayed when navigating to this SubArea
  7. Save the SubArea item
  8. Update the SiteMap

Please note that this feature is only available in Dynamics CRM 2013 and Dynamics CRM Online Fall '13 Service Update. If you try to use this feature in CRM 2011, you will get the following error:



J√§rventaus said…
This is amazing i did not yet update mine and for sure it will be very helpful for me to update my crm system.
Chase said…
Tanguy, your tools are always great!

With 2011 Fall release and 2013, you can change the dashboard directly from CRM. Shown here in option 2:
Chase said…
Sorry, here's a click-able link...

Settings > Customize this System > "Dashboards" on left listing
Well, i always had some issues with My CRM, as being too much trech savy for my own goodthen i contacted Iesgp and they guided in how to use Microsoft CRM Solutions .

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