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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New XrmToolBox plugin! Form Libraries Manager

Last month, I had to work on some JavaScript web resources cleaning and I wanted to rename all my web resources. This is not so complicated when using the Web Resources Manager plugin to drag and drop JavaScript files to some new folders.

The difficult part was to update all forms that used some shared web resources like JSON2, jQuery and XrmServiceToolkit. So, I decided to write… a plugin for the XrmToolBox.

So, let me introduce the Form Libraries Manager


This plugin can list all JavaScript web resources and all forms (only active forms for CRM 2013). You can select web resources to add and forms where to add them. If multiple web resources are selected, you can order them and choose where to display them : at the beginning of the scripts list for forms or at the end. I’m sure this will help people to initialize all their forms with required web resources.

It can also remove in bulk selected libraries. For each selected library, if it is used by a form event, a warning is display to ask you if the library and the event(s) should be removed.

As usual, the tool is available as part of the XrmToolBox project, on CodePlex

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