New XrmToolBox plugin : Chart Manager

Just this once, the August release is published in July. Indeed, I’m on holidays this evening and I want to be sure everybody has the chance to get a new release of XrmToolBox with a new plugin : Chart Manager

Chart Manager

Chart Manager is a plugin that helps you to export/import charts from/to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in bulk. It also allows to edit the XML definition of a chart directly, without the need to export/import.



The toolbox itself and some plugins have been updated to fix bugs and add enhancements. The release note is available here.

If you are already using XrmToolBox, you should have received an Update Notification. If not, just go to to download the latest version.


Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
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@renegadeuvfunk said…
I ran into an issue exporting personal charts for reimport as system charts. I had left the Description field blank which caused an error on import. The fix was to add just a word to the Description field, re-export, then the import worked in Chart Manager.

Thanks for making such an excellent tool.
Unknown said…
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prajakta said…
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Anonymous said…
Hi, do you have a .net 4.0 version of the toolbox? few of our server environments haven't got the latest framework and i'm unable to run the toolbox in there. Appreciate if you can post a link to an older release of the tool that uses .net 4
Anonymous said…
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