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New XrmToolBox plugin : Chart Manager

Just this once, the August release is published in July. Indeed, I’m on holidays this evening and I want to be sure everybody has the chance to get a new release of XrmToolBox with a new plugin : Chart ManagerChart ManagerChart Manager is a plugin that helps you to export/import charts from/to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in bulk. It also allows to edit the XML definition of a chart directly, without the need to export/import.XrmToolBoxThe toolbox itself and some plugins have been updated to fix bugs and add enhancements. The release note is available here.If you are already using XrmToolBox, you should have received an Update Notification. If not, just go to to download the latest version.

New XrmToolBox version and MVP award

Hi everybody,First of all, maybe you already saw it on social networks but I’' have been renewed as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP for the 6th time! Great honor to be part of the CRM MVP group again and thanks to all XrmToolBox users that  make this possible.Regarding XrmToolBox, I just released a new version today.New plugins managementIt is a breaking change version since plugins management have been revamped to use Microsoft Extensibilty Framework, which means plugins need to be migrated to this new plugins mechanism to work. This new mechanism helps to manage plugins automatically with no custom code, and also allow to deliver files with multiples plugins inside.If you use plugins other than ones shipped with XrmToolBox, you might want to keep the previous version available until other plugins are migrated. Of course, all plugins shipped with XrmToolBox are compatible.Usage statisticsI aslo implemented a new mechanism that will help me and other developers to understand how ofte…

XrmToolBox version 1.2015.6.9

Today, I released a new version of XrmToolBox that is mainly a maintenance release (see release note for details).Nevertheless, two enhancements have been made to the XrmToolBox application:Search bar has now focus when XrmToolBox is open: This will avoid an extra click to reach search bar, so you can start typing the tool you want to use as soon as XrmToolBox is displayed
Connection selection dialog now has a “Most Recently used” feature that allows to display connections that have been used recently so when you often work on the same organizations, these connections are displayed on top of the connection listWithout “Most Recently used” feature activatedWith “Most Recently used” feature activatedAs usual, this release is available for download on

New XrmToolBox version : v1.2015.5.6

A new version of XrmToolBox is available! No new tools from me but some bug fixes and enhancements. The release note is available here.Just be aware that plugins are now stored in a subfolder “Plugins” in “XrmToolBox” folder. This is to ensure XrmToolBox.exe is found easily in the main folder. If you are a XrmToolBox plugin developer and your plugin is storing its own settings file, then please check if everything is still working.Other pluginsMaybe you already know it but XrmToolBox github wiki page lists available plugins for XrmToolBox. Some new plugins were added lately so please have a look here

XrmToolBox first release on Github!

Hi XrmToolBox friends,Today is a big day for XrmToolBox! First release on Github has been published and I have a lot of news to announce!XrmToolBox on GithubI already made this announcement before but that’s official now, with this first release, XrmToolBox is hosted on Github and CodePlex project won’t receive updates anymore.You can reach this project on Github by following this link (or read following announcement)XrmToolBox home pageXrmToolBox has its own home page now! You can bookmark It has never been easier to find where XrmToolBox resides!If you are a XrmToolBox plugin developer, and you want me to provide you a subdomain of, just ask (you can see the FetchXml Builder example here :  .New tool: FLS Bulk Updater!I don’t know if you already faced this scenario but I had to update 10 Field Security Profiles with more than 300 Fields Permissions. And it was a nightmare… Ok, you can select multiple Fields Permissions f…

XrmToolBox new version : Welcome CRM 2015

XrmToolBox previous version was a great success : More than 5K downloads, 13 ratings with an average rate of 4,7/5.So today, I’m proud to release a new version of XrmToolBox. This is kind of a major version since a lot of changes are included in this release. Please read blowCRM 2015 and .Net Framework 4.5.2This release is the version of XrmToolBox to use CRM 2015 SDK assemblies. That means plugins for XrmToolBox can now uses new capabilities of CRM 2015 SDK (of course, it can still connect to CRM 2011 and 2013). That means above all that XrmToolBox now requires .Net Framework 4.5.2.When launching this new version, if your computer does not contain this version of .Net Framework, you will be prompt to download and install it.Signed assembliesThanks to which provides free code signing certificate to Microsoft MVP’s, files that are shipped with XrmToolBox package are now all digitally signed. That means you can check if files your are using with XrmToolBox come from me and …