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Use your own parameters in Crm forms url

Hi all, Out of the box CRM 4.0 doesn't allow custom parameters in CRM Form url But you can change that! You must edit the MSCRM registry located in : HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\MSCRM Create a new DWORD named "DisableParameterFilter" and set it to 1. You can now use custom parameters!

Error when executing CRM v3 report in CRM v4 : Report render failure. Error: The 'CRM_FullName' parameter is missing a value

Hi, Get an apparently difficult error with my CRM 3.0 custom reports used in CRM 4.0. I got this unuseful generic error dialog box when executing my report. In the event viewer, I got the error message : Report render failure. Error: The 'CRM_FullName' parameter is missing a value But my dataset seemed correctly coded and everything worked fine using Business Intelligence Studio. In fact, due to the new report render mechanism in CRM 4.0, the user who executes the report is no more the current user but the application pool system account. So, what's the problem? In CRM 3.0, you used the following query to retrieve user name: select fullname from FilteredSystemUser where domainname = SUSER_SNAME() This not work anymore as the user executing the report is not the current user (in my case, was Network service which has no fullname). The solution is quite simple, see in standard reports how it works. You will find this query: select fullname from FilteredSystemUser where system

Your report is empty when you execute it

When you execute a report, you can have a light blue empty screen instead of your report There's a KB article from Microsoft about this problem ( ). In my case, the primary key field was correctly set to "Yes", so I just set it to "No", saved, and reset it to "Yes" and published the entity. It works now like a charm !

Error while installing CRM Microsoft.Crm.Setup.Server.CreateSetupUserAction

If you try to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM on a server that was already used to test an installation, it is possible that the server keep the previous installation date and when you try the new installation, the trial period or the registration period may have expired. The message in the installation log will be : Error System.Exception: ActionMicrosoft.Crm.Setup.Server.CreateSetupUserAction failed. --->System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8004415C): Exception fromHRESULT: 0x8004415C. The 0x8004415C code indicates that the CRM has expired To resolve this, keep the installation form and launch the registration wizard. Once you completed it, click Retry and everything should be OK

Error when creating a queue, it looks like a bug

My colleague Didier, and I, have discovered a strange behavior with security roles and queues. When you look at the SDK for minimal set of privileges required to create a queue, you can see the following list: prvAppendQueue prvAppendToUser prvCreateQueue There is just one problem… In the security role interface, there is no Append privilege for Queue, so you can’t set it to enable Queue creation. This problem makes the Queue creation form difficult to use as the lookup controls are disabled but mandatory... You also need to know that this problem occurs only with security role you created from scratch. To resolve this problem, there are two solutions: Copy the administrator role (which contains the Append privilege on Queue entity, even if it’s not visible) and remove inappropriate privileges. Export the role, and add the following XML line in the appropriate role node: < privilege name ="prvAppendQueue" depth =" Global " /> Import the role you changed