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XrmToolBox : Donate and get rid of the sponsor screen

You may have noticed that latest releases of XrmToolBox embed a sponsor screen that is displayed once a week. This sponsor screen is here to remind you to support my work, by rating the tool on CodePlex or by making a donation. As a reminder, the screen looks like this: If you want to get rid of this screen, you must make a donation. When I get a donation, I send the donor a license file that removes the screen and adds a message of thanks on the start screen, see below. The message may include your name and your company name if you want. You can also be listed as a XrmToolBox sponsor on the Donators list on this blog. If you're wondering what to serve me money from your donations, my goal is to buy a Surface 2 Pro for a true mobile computer and to continue to develop XrmToolBox anywhere! So you know what you have to do

XrmToolBox continues to grow

I just released a new version of my toolbox with two new “features”: A new tool developed by my colleague Damien (DamSim) that will allow you to copy a view from one organization to an other. This is the View Transfer Tool. A new way to manage your connections. Some users reported that it was difficult to find where to manage connections. You have now the possibility to display connections list by clicking the button “Manage connections” in the toolbar of the toolbox. This will display the list of connections and let you create, update or delete connections. You can also notice that this list exposes the version of the organization. it will help you determine which rollup is installed on your organizations. This number is updated each time you connect to the organization. This updates is obviously available on CodePlex Moreover, I’m pretty excited because I have been in touch with a developer from a well known Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner that should release a bunch of p