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New tool : Documentation generator

Hi guys, What is more awful than writing documentation about entities and attributes used in a project? Can’t see… I love the tool from Sonoma Partners to generate documentation but it has some limitations: Only OnPremise deployments are supported It generates only Excel document It is a command line utility (I do love UI…) So, today, I released my own document generator. It can generate Excel or Word document and provide some options to select what you want to see in the generated documentation. Read the documentation on CodePlex for more information about options. As usual, CodePlex link , don’t foget to rate it if you like it, you can support me by making a donation on PayPal. Please prefer CodePlex discussion to ask question, report bug

How to colorize grid rows…

Since early days of Dynamics CRM, I’m thinking that Microsoft should provide a way to add conditional colorization for entities grid views. It was possible to do so in CRM 4.0 by modifying some system files but it had two limitations: This was not supported This was not usable in CRM online or if you did not have access to the server file system In CRM 2011, I found a way to add color to entities grids using the ribbon, even if there are still two limitations: This is still not supported (as I browse and change DOM as you will see below) but does not required access to the filesystem Ribbon element that helps me to colorize the grid view can’t be hidden and it is useful just to add color, it should then not be visible… As a reminder, the following procedure is not supported but you can use it at your own risk. Three elements are required: Ribbon button This button is added in the HomePageGrid of an entity (but could also be added to SubGrid). It has an Enable rule that perf

New tool ? No… New assembly!

As some of you might have noticed, new versions of my tools are using an assembly called McTools.Xrm.Connection. This assembly is one of mine… I just extracted connection specific classes from my tools project and created this assembly. I was wondering if I should make it public… it is, now… That should helps developers to create application without thinking about how to connect to CRM Online, OnPremise or IFD… This assembly should do it for you… I wrote a small documentation on CodePlex to help you include this assembly in your projects. You can access this assembly, its documentation and source code on CodePlex :   Just one more thing: Use this assembly in any project you want. If your project will be publicly released, you should indicates that you used this assembly (in an “about” form or anywhere else). Thanks! Hope this helps!