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Update : Form Javascript Manager

Today, I updated the form javascript manager with minor features Change log: When scripts are exported, you can now move to the Import tab automatically Scripts are updated automatically in the tool when the files on disk are updated It is now possible to import AND publish scripts in one action (you don't have to click on Import then on Publish) You can Import/Publish using contextual menu or button Encoding is better managed for non english language Download: As usual you can download the last version following this link

Important Update : View Layout Replicator

Hi, This post to warn you about the existing version of ViewLayoutReplicator. You can experience troubles with your lookup fields when browsing for records if you have replicated a public view to the search view of the lookup related entity. The behavior is the following: When selecting a record from the search window, the lookup field just contains the icon of the entity and not the primary attribute as the result of the selection. This is due to the "preview" attribute of the search view that should be "0" (and not "1" which happens if you used the ViewLayoutReplicator as described above). To correct this behavior, simply download the new version of the tool and replicate the view again.

New tool: XML Validator

Hi, Today, a really small tool that helps to find error in CRM customization file. It is so boring to get the standard error message from the import customization page when your customization file is broken... Of course, you can download and install tools like XMLSpy but it has too many funtions for me. So, I wrote a small tool that allows you to validate a XML file with a XSD file. It is generic and works also for other XML files than CRM one. On the downloadable file, you will find the program and a XSD file which groups the three CRM XSD file used for the customizations (ExportImport, ISV.config and SiteMap). You can select files (XML and XSD) by browsing the computer or by drag and drop. I hope that will help some people, enjoy! Download: