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Tool updated : Metadata Document Generator 2.0

Hi folks! Today, I released a new version of my tool Metadata Document Generator It now uses a new UI, a new assembly for Excel generation ( Gembox.Spreadsheet ) and prepare the future with a new wizard style behavior. New features will come in coming months since it is now easier to add features. Some screenshots As usual, the tool is available on CodePlex

Metadata Document Generator updated

I’m pleased to announce that I updated my tool to generate metadata documentation. Please review change below: NEW FEATURES Word document is now using headings for better navigation Use of GemBox Software Document assembly to generate Word document Thanks to them! BUG FIXES Export fails if two entities have same display name Export fails if entity has more than one main form Clicking multiple time on "Check all" button duplicate attributes list Not working if attributes are Selected Unable to create connection on Partner VM Does not generate document in other than main language Export to Word hangs with Custom Entities As you can see, Word generation is the almost the only part that has been updated. Hope it will help you more than ever to build documentation!

Q2 2012 Service Update Beta released

So, as many people, your read the Preview Guide for Q2 2012 Service Update and can’t wait anymore to test all these new features? You can test it now! Microsoft release a public beta version yesterday. Just remember that this Q2 2012 Service Update is also known as Release 8, which is not Update Rollup 8. You will find below a quote shamelessly copied Girish Raja's blog for more information. What does the beta include? A test only on-premises build Pre-recorded feature overview sessions and power point presentation files Pre-release implementation guide SDK and readme. Again we’d like to emphasize that the beta release is for test purposes only, and not for production usage. There is no migration path from the beta to the final release , so please plan accordingly and use appropriate test environments. There are elements of upcoming release that are not included in the beta, for example Mobility or CRMOnline specific features are not offered as part of the beta but

Ultimate ribbon designer : Ribbon Workbench (beta)

If you are used to follow my blog, you know I developed some tools around Dynamics CRM 2011 ribbons: Ribbon Browser and Ribbon Editor . I think these tools are not useful anymore, since Develop 1 provides an incredible tool, packaged in a CRM 2011 solution that allows you to design ribbons using drag and drop in an amazing UI. It is now just a matter of minutes to add a new control on a ribbon (not only buttons). See the list of supported item below: To download this tool, just go to develop 1 website This tool is still in beta version but is much better than any other tool I know. It promises the best for future release!