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What’s new in XrmToolBox world

If you are using the latest version of XrmToolBox, then you should see this popup when launching it This was the super cool hidden feature of the previous version! It works (I’m relieved…) In this new release of XrmToolBox, there is three new features, as described below Optimization in plugin development Thanks to Daryl LaBar, one of the developer of other XrmToolBox plugins, the way to develop plugins for XrmToolBox has never been so easy. All you have to do is to create a user control that inherits from PluginBase class. All the connectivity is handle by the base class and you just have to focus on what your tool should do. Daryl added also helper classes to handle asynchronous call in a really easy way. Read his blog article on this topic . The documentation on CodePlex project page explains how to use the new development model. A new tool : Metadata Browser Even if Microsoft delivers a metadata browser solution in the CRM SDK package, it is just a pain to install thi