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New XrmToolBox plugin : Chart Manager

Just this once, the August release is published in July. Indeed, I’m on holidays this evening and I want to be sure everybody has the chance to get a new release of XrmToolBox with a new plugin : Chart Manager Chart Manager Chart Manager is a plugin that helps you to export/import charts from/to Microsoft Dynamics CRM in bulk. It also allows to edit the XML definition of a chart directly, without the need to export/import. XrmToolBox The toolbox itself and some plugins have been updated to fix bugs and add enhancements. The release note is available here . If you are already using XrmToolBox, you should have received an Update Notification. If not, just go to to download the latest version.

New XrmToolBox version and MVP award

Hi everybody, First of all, maybe you already saw it on social networks but I’' have been renewed as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP for the 6th time! Great honor to be part of the CRM MVP group again and thanks to all XrmToolBox users that  make this possible. Regarding XrmToolBox, I just released a new version today. New plugins management It is a breaking change version since plugins management have been revamped to use Microsoft Extensibilty Framework, which means plugins need to be migrated to this new plugins mechanism to work. This new mechanism helps to manage plugins automatically with no custom code, and also allow to deliver files with multiples plugins inside. If you use plugins other than ones shipped with XrmToolBox, you might want to keep the previous version available until other plugins are migrated. Of course, all plugins shipped with XrmToolBox are compatible. Usage statistics I aslo implemented a new mechanism that will help me and other developers to unders