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CrmTraceReader updated!

I just updated the Trace Reader to ease loading files and searching You can now drag and drop file(s) directly on the reader (in fact, the drag and drop works only on the list of trace items but that is cool anyway ) You can also clear all filters to get back to all trace items and when you reload file(s), the filters are kept if relevant. As usual –> CodePlex

New XrmToolBox plugin : Local to Global Option Set Converter!

This is not one of my own but here is a new plugin for the toolbox, it will allow you to convert a local Option Set to a global one while maintaining the value of the Option Set in database. The plugin is available on CodePlex

Is the XrmToolBox compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013?

As far as I can tell, yes it is! I have tested the main features of each plugins I have developed and it seems that everything runs smoothly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013! So I have nothing more to say… Go download the XrmToolBox