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Tools Update: IsvConfigManager and FormJavaScriptManager

That will surely be the last update for these tools (unless you discover a bug ). Isv Config Manager changelog: Remove publishing feature (Isv.config doesn’t require publish) You can now add button without Title element Add Expand/Collapse feature Add Read/Write Xml feature : You can now see what is the corresponding Xml for a treeview element. You can also add a treeview element by pasting xml content. See the capture of these new features : Form JavaScript Manager changelog: Ability to load script files from a directory AND all its sub directories When opening again the folder browser, it starts from the current selected folder As usual, you can download these new versions using the right hand pane of this blog. EDIT: I didn’t let you the time to discover a small bug when inserting xml content into a treeview element, so don’t ask me, just download the tools again…

Advanced Find Search: Where is this damn N:N relationship???

Did you ever have this feeling that something should behave in a way and you can’t figure out why this does not…? I faced this feeling recently regarding the advanced find search. Here is the scenario: I created a N:N relationship between the account entity and a custom entity called Technology. As this relationship was just a “technical” one, I decided to hide left hand menu for this relationship. Below screenshots were taken for entity “test”. “Ne pas afficher” means “Do not display” When I then needed to perform an advanced find search on account related to a specific technology, I wasn’t able to select the N:N relationship in the list of relationships. I even thought that it was perhaps a normal behavior for N:N relationships (yeah, I know, that”s dumb, but I do not required N:N relationship for queries so often). We can’t see “test” entity Well, in fact, the solution was pretty simple, even if this is not mentioned anywhere: You have to keep the left hand menu of the relati