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New tool: SiteMap Editor for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

With the last version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can organize your customizations through solutions and this is really a nice feature. But some specific actions are taking really more time than with previous versions… This is exactly the problem when you want to edit the SiteMap. You have to add the SiteMap to a solution (maybe create one before), export the solution, extract the solution, update the Xml, zip the files, import the solution (should I need to continue with import wizard steps…? ) So, today, I release my new tool, the SiteMap Editor. It works like the IsvConfigManager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to edit the SiteMap. Features Connections to OnPremise, Online and Claim based deployments TreeView display of SiteMap Add SiteMap component with mouse usage Add default SiteMap component if you removed one Cut/Copy/Paste of SiteMap component Display Xml of SiteMap component Add SiteMap component from Xml Reset SiteMap to default system one Import back the Site

New tool: JavaScript Web Resource Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

I didn’t find a way to provide you a JavaScript editor as flexible as the one I created for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 since the scripts are now in two parts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: web resource and script call from forms… Anyway, this new tool allows you to update JavaScript web resources with the following features: Export scripts web resources from CRM server Save scripts web resources to disk Load scripts files from disk Edit scripts with default text editor or Visual Studio Edit web resource properties Save scripts to CRM server Publish scripts to CRM server It should help you avoid multiple clicks as soon as you want to update a JavaScript web resource… As usual with my tools for CRM 2011, it is published on codeplex Just a small reminder : a Paypal donation button is just on the right part of this blog   But it’s up to you… Screenshot

New tool: Ribbon Browser

Hi, I've not been really active these last weeks but I was on holiday (I love New York !) and I’m busy to buy a new appartment, so that’s not easy… Anyway, today is a new day and I’m releasing a new tool: Ribbon Browser. This is basically the same program that is provided in the SDK as a sample (exportribbon) but with a graphical user interface. It will be helpful to retrieve Id’s and other attributes of ribbon controls when you want to update the system ribbon. You will be able to: Display system entity ribbon definition Display custom entity ribbon definition Display Ribbon control attributes Display Ribbon control XML Save ribbon in XML file The tool is released on codeplex Screenshot