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Error message after having raised the length of an address field

Pointless error message: This message can occur, when you save the form, if you raised the length of address fields in account, contact or lead entity. The cause is simple: Even if you can add as many characters in these fields as you specify in the customization, the value is also duplicated in the customeraddress entity. If you forgot to customize also that entity, you will get the above error message. Solution? Just customize the customeraddress entity like the account, contact or lead entity.

Updating custom entities icons

For all our projects, we are always customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. To achieve that, we create many custom entities and one of the worst aspect of that heavy customization is to have a lot of custom entities with the same icon. So, it is difficult to identify them just with their icon (like the screenshot below). In order to customize further the application, it is a good thing to add different icon to each custom entity. The standard approach This approach consists of using the standard feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to update custom entites icons. In the customization view, just click on the menu “More actions” and click on “Update icons…”.   You then need to provide a file for each required icons: icon in web application (16x16 / gif / less that 10kb) Shortcut icon in Outlook (32x32 / ico / less than 10kb) Icon in entity form (66x48 / gif / less than 10kb) As you can see, it has a lot of restriction and you need to creat

Management Pack for SCOM 2007

Since MOM Management Pack, there wasn't anything regarding the latest version of the operating management for Dynamics CRM 4.0. It is out now! See the post on the CRM team blog