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New tool (alpha) : Ribbon Editor

Ribbons… such a beautiful new feature of Dynamics CRM 2011 but so hard to manage. We all know how to add a button to an existing group but doing more is complex due to all ribbon components, rules and actions available… So, I’ll try to help you by releasing a new tool: the ribbon editor. This is not a wizard, you still need to know how a ribbon behaves but you shouldn’t need to learn all ribbon possibilities anymore… I help you… I now need your help! There are so many possibilities that I can’t test and validate every ribbon possibilities. That’s the reason of the “alpha” release. So please try this tool and provide feedback on codeplex. The more people try this tool the more bug will be identified and corrected! The codeplex page where you can find the tool is located here :

CRM 2011: Overriding lookup onclick event

I know that some of you can’t wait to know how to override lookup control onclick event. Indeed, Microsoft has heavily used htc file for their controls behavior and it’s more difficult to change these behaviors than it was in Dynamics CRM 4.0… So, here is the solution: var element = document.getElementById( "lookup_attribute_logicalname" ); element.onshowdialog = function ( event ) { var url = "http://you_custom_page_url" ; var result = window.showModalDialog(url); event .oLookupItems = { items: result }; }; The object returned from the page should be an array of Lookup items, like the following (example for an account): var lookupItems = new Array(); lookupItems[0] = new Object(); lookupItems[0].id = "{...}" lookupItems[0].name = "My account" ; lookupItems[0].type = 1; lookupItems[0].entityType = "account" ; window.returnValue = lookupItems; To be honest, I’m not the one who found this solution. All the cr

MVP: Year 2!

The news came Friday: I was renewed for the Microsoft MVP Award! One more year! Thank you all for helping me to improve my tools and thus make life easier for developers and customizers on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Some remarks on my CRM 2011 tools

Hi, Some of you may have noticed that I update frequently the tools on codeplex projects… It’s just because I don’t have the possibility to test them against all type of deployments (regarding connections) or all usage possibilities (for example, all different combination of SiteMaps, all views configuration, etc.). I receive some issue by email from my fellow MVP’s and update the tools… So, if one tool you used crashes or don’t work as expected, please start by visiting the codeplex project page to be sure you have the latest version. I try to maintain version number to ease this check. If the last version still gets error, please feel free to create an issue on the codeplex project Issue Tracker page. If you need extra features, create a new discussion thread. Last but not least, if this tool is useful to you, rate it on the codeplex project page PS: I have no more tools on my mind right now so don’t expect anything new if coming weeks… PS2: I’m a liar… I have a tool in develo