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New XrmToolBox plugin : Portal Records Mover

Hi Dynamics 365 community! Today, I’m releasing a new plugin for XrmToolBox : Portal Records Mover This plugin come from the need to export/import portal records that have been created/updated since a specific date. I implemented a portal for one of my customer last year and he updated pages content and some other portal records. This portal needs new features so we added new portal records in our development organization. But it is not an option to deliver again these pages since it would overwrite customer changes. So I needed a way to deliver only specific portal records. So, how to do it easily? I cannot use Configuration Migration from CRM SDK since it would export all records for defined entities, not only the newly created or modified ones. I cannot use standard export because I would need to export multiples entities and even NN relationships and manage import of multiple files. I could use custom code to export/import records… Better! I can now use an XrmToolBox pl