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Tools update: CodePlex and PayPal links

Today, I have updated all my tools for CRM 2011 in order to add links to some CodePlex pages related to the tools. It will allow you to rate, comment and sumbit bugs more easly, simply by clicking on the corresponding buttons. I also added a link to my PayPal account, if some of you want to support my work by making a donation. You will also notice a new icon… I really wish you will review my tools to make them more visible to the community, wether you like them or not. Thanks to all of you for taking time for these reviews!

Tool Update : Searchable Property Updater for CRM 2011 (1.1.919.75)

One of my fellow MVP asked me for the possibility to display if an attribute is displayed on at least one entity form. This will ease the decision to make an attribute valid for advanced find. I thought it was difficult because of the need to export a solution to get the xml of an entity forms. But it can be achieved a lot more easily! Entity forms, in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, are just like any other entity, so you can simply retrieve the forms with a simple QueryExpression (or QueryByAttribute, in my case). The code sample: QueryByAttribute qba = new QueryByAttribute( "systemform" ); qba.Attributes.AddRange( "objecttypecode" , "type" ); qba.Values.AddRange(entityLogicalName, 2); qba.ColumnSet = new ColumnSet( true ); EntityCollection ec = oService.RetrieveMultiple(qba); So, this new version is much more useful since you can see easily if an attribute is used on a form, and you can also check only attributes used in at least one form by pressing

Updated tools for customized IFD deployments

Hi, Many of you reported errors when connection to there IFD deployments with customized Discovery Service Url (different from disco.servername.domain.extension). I just updated all my tools to support these customized url. Enjoy them! NB: RibbonEditor has not been updated right now.