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How to: Which action raised OnSave event

A while ago, I wrote a post about the way to know which action raised the onSave event in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, here . Here is the same code for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: // The execution context must be passed as the first parameter // This can be done by ticking the checkbox in the function call // window in the onSave event function CheckSaveEvent(executionObj) { // If action is Save as closed (=58) if (executionObj.getEventArgs().getSaveMode() == 58) { // Do some code logic } } The check that must be ticked is the one in the below screenshot (This is the window that is displayed when adding script on the onSave event).

New tool: CrmDiagTool 2011

UPDATE: A new version is available on CodePlex Hello CRM community! Two months ago, Philippe Brissaud from Microsoft Canada asked me to help him migrate the well known CrmDiagTool 4 to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. I guess you know what I answered him: of course I help! Today, Philippe and I are proud to release this new version of CrmDiagTool. We focused on Server diagnostics and removed features related to reporting services and email router. The features are the following: Enable/Disable tracing Zip content of Trace directory Open Trace directory Generate diagnostic file in text or html format with components selection Enable/Disable DevErrors Some screenshots : Regarding source code : As the previous version had not its source code released, this version does not too. Download link :

How to: Change existing ribbon element properties

Today, I will try to explain you how to change properties of existing ribbon elements. For this example, I will change the label and icon of the button “New opportunity” in the main grid ribbon of the entity “Opportunity”. The standard ribbon for the opportunity looks like the below one: And the result I expect: To obtain this result, follow the below procedure: 1 - If it is not already done, download the SDK ( click here ). 2 - Open the SDK folder “samplecode \ cs \ client \ ribbon \ exportribbonxml \ exportedribbonxml”. Then open the Xml file corresponding to the entity (here opportunity.xml). In our case, the button “Nouveau” (or “New” in english), is the one we need to retrieve: < Button Id ="Mscrm.HomepageGrid.opportunity.NewRecord" ToolTipTitle ="$Resources:Ribbon.HomepageGrid.MainTab.New" ToolTipDescription ="$Resources(EntityDisplayName):Ribbon.Tooltip.New" Command ="Mscrm.NewRecordFromGrid" Sequence ="10" Label

Visual Studio 2010 templates for Plugins and Custom workflow activities

Found on Popo69’s blog, visual studio 2010 templates for plugins and custom workflow activities. Always helpful!

My CRM 2011 tools are now Claim based authentication compatible

Everything is on the title Please take time to rate my tools on codeplex if you like them and if you really like them, you can even make a donation (see Paypal button on your right) Many thanks to Alex Fagundes and PowerObjects for providing me a Claim Based authentication organization on their servers. It helps me a lot for testing my tools. I owe you one, Alex !