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New tool, new site, stop creating optionset by hand!

Hi guys, About a month ago, Jerry Weinstock (MVP CRM), asked me some help to develop a tool that will allow you to create option set faster than ever. He wanted to create a community web site where people can share and get files containing options set for Dynamics CRM. The tool and the website are now ready! Just go to

MVP Awards : Everything comes in threes

  It was expected but is now confirmed! I was renewed as a Dynamics CRM MVP. So, I’m still part of this incredible community of experts that brings so much to the whole Dynamics CRM community. This is my third year with, as usual, exciting events coming (MVP Summit, and a special MVP evening in Paris this month) Thanks to all of you that read my blog (not so much interesting these days) and use my tools (this is why I’m a MVP, really). About that, please stay tuned, there will be soon an announcement about a new tool made in collaboration with another MVP…