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New tool: Iconator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Maybe you remember CRM 4.0 days where it was possible to use Microsoft’s Demonstration tool to update quickly entity icons… There is no such tool for CRM 2011 since UI allows us to define icons for custom entities based on available image web resources. The boring thing is when you need to update multiple entities: you have to create web resources first, then for each entity, specify large icon and small icon. So, I’m sure you already understand what’s happening: Here is a new tool that will allows you bulk update custom entities icons: The iconator (thanks to Julie and George for finding the name ) This tool has been developed in collaboration with my colleague at Javista, Lloyd Sebag (Credits go to him for starting this project) Features Connect to any type of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 deployment (OnPremise, IFD, Online, Online with Office 365) Apply icons to multiple entities in a single action Load new image web resources Reset entities to default icons Screenshots Wh

Update maximum number of rows exported to Excel…

… without the need to perform SQL update! Andrii Butenko developed a small utility to change this value, you can find all information here