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Searchable Propery Attribute Updater

Hi, The previous post was not the last one... :) You can find in this post the first tool that will make your life easier: Just remember when you customer asked you to remove all these unused attributes form the attribute list of the advanced find form... You navigated through all attrbutes form to modify the Searchable property of each attributes for hours... (maybe am I exaggerating a bit...) The program I give you allows you to update all attributes in a single winform application! Yes it can be! Do not hesitate to give me your comments about this program if you think improvements can be done... Download:

The first post (hopefully not the last one)

Hi everybody, Here is a new blog about Microsoft Dynamics CRM... "One more!" you're thinking...? Yes, one more, but one that provides you useful tools to make your life easier while working with MSCRM. Here's a list of what I will provide soon: A program to update the searchable property of all attributes for an entity in a single form: it will avoid you to navigate through all attributes form. A program to replicate a view display to all other views of the same entity: again, you won't have to navigate through all views forms to update them Of course, if you need a specific tool to facilitate your work and don't know how to do, just explain me what you want: maybe I could write it for you