Searchable Propery Attribute Updater


The previous post was not the last one... :)

You can find in this post the first tool that will make your life easier: Just remember when you customer asked you to remove all these unused attributes form the attribute list of the advanced find form... You navigated through all attrbutes form to modify the Searchable property of each attributes for hours... (maybe am I exaggerating a bit...)

The program I give you allows you to update all attributes in a single winform application! Yes it can be!

Do not hesitate to give me your comments about this program if you think improvements can be done...



Anonymous said…
Excellent !

Save a lot of time with this tool!
Anonymous said…
Nice Tool.

It would be nice if it pulled out (base) attributes. For example Account: Credit Limit (Base) etc.
Anonymous said…
Its a real great tool!

In my current project, I thought about building a similar app, but then i found yours! THANX a lot!

If you will be bored at any time, it would be nice, if we could resort the attributes-list (by all columns) or/and if we could search the list. A few minutes ago i had to disable about 20 fields, all ending with the same string in the logicalname, so a wildcard-search would be perfekt. Sorting by logicalname would help a little bit, cause all fields i want to update have the same custom-prefix but absolutly different Display-Names. Cause the fields are mixed in the other fields of the account-entity its not real easy to find them all ;)

However, with this tool is still better then doing the job in CRM itself ;)

THANX again!
Unknown said…
Nice Progam but I am not able to download it, it says:

Windows cannot open the folder.
The Compressed (zipped) Folder 'C:\....'is ivalid.
Peter said…
I have used this lots - excellent - now that I've worked out the easy way is to tick both boxes then untick the "not on form" and tidy up what is left

It would be brilliant if you could come up with a similar utility to just change the display names.

and it would be even more brilliant if there was another attribute that MS currently hide somewhere that could be set to prevent attributes appearing as available for DISPLAY.



PS - View Replicator is just brilliant

Congrats on your MVP as well
Tanguy said…
Thanks Peter,
1/ rename display names: That could be possible, I will think about it

2/ There is a ValidForGrid settings in attribute but it seems that you can't update it, so even if I remove this settings, the attribute is still visible in the attribute list. But you are right, that will be so good if it was possible...
Unknown said…
Hello Tanguy

It seems that I have found the bug. For some reason for statuscode/statusreason fields searchable property weren't updated.
Tanguy said…
It seems to be a "by design" feature since I found a line on my code avoiding to update these two fields...

Can't remember if I wrote this line because there was a problem when updating the searchable property or if I just thought there was no interest to hide these fields...

Have to make some tests on this...
Anonymous said…
Seriously love this tool. Thank you!

Time for me to contribute back to the community
Anonymous said…
That was enjoyable to read, thanks for posting it.

my web page ... Bing,,
Anonymous said…
Hallo Tanguy
Does this tool work with CRM2011? It crashed by loading the entities...but maybe its my fault...
Greetings from Berne
Adrian Eriksson
Tanguy said…
it works if you use the XrmToolBox ( that contains the plugin Search Property Updater

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