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XrmToolBox first release on Github!

Hi XrmToolBox friends, Today is a big day for XrmToolBox! First release on Github has been published and I have a lot of news to announce! XrmToolBox on Github I already made this announcement before but that’s official now, with this first release, XrmToolBox is hosted on Github and CodePlex project won’t receive updates anymore. You can reach this project on Github by following this link (or read following announcement) XrmToolBox home page XrmToolBox has its own home page now! You can bookmark . It has never been easier to find where XrmToolBox resides! If you are a XrmToolBox plugin developer, and you want me to provide you a subdomain of, just ask (you can see the FetchXml Builder example here : ).  . New tool: FLS Bulk Updater! I don’t know if you already faced this scenario but I had to update 10 Field Security Profiles with more than 300 Fields Permissions. And it was a nightmare… Ok, you can select multiple