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New tool : Web Resources Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Hi CRM community! I received a comment three weeks ago about my JavaScript WebResource Manager saying it was a great tool but it could be cooler to be able to manage all web resource types… Well, this was a really good request… Today, I’m really really proud to release my twelfth tools for Dynamics CRM 2011: The (general) Web Resources Manager! It works mainly like JavaScript WebResource Manager does so you won’t be lost using it. Features Load/Update/Publish web resources from/to your CRM organization (OnPremise, Online, IFD) Load/Update web resource stored on your computer disk Create/Update/Delete web resources locally and then apply changes to your CRM organization Preview web resources (except Silverlight web resources) Create your web resources folder structure on the tool It really supports all type of web resources. The only limitation is you can’t preview Silverlight web resources. I didn’t write documentation yet so just explore menus, buttons et use your mouse t

Bulk Export Solution: There also a tool for that

If you have a lot of unmanaged solution in your deployments and need to backup/export them, it can be boring to export them one by one. Makarand developed a tool to bulk export unmanaged solutions to help you! The tool is available on CodePlex :