New tool : Web Resources Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Hi CRM community!

I received a comment three weeks ago about my JavaScript WebResource Manager saying it was a great tool but it could be cooler to be able to manage all web resource types…

Well, this was a really good request…

Today, I’m really really proud to release my twelfth tools for Dynamics CRM 2011: The (general) Web Resources Manager!

It works mainly like JavaScript WebResource Manager does so you won’t be lost using it.


  • Load/Update/Publish web resources from/to your CRM organization (OnPremise, Online, IFD)
  • Load/Update web resource stored on your computer disk
  • Create/Update/Delete web resources locally and then apply changes to your CRM organization
  • Preview web resources (except Silverlight web resources)
  • Create your web resources folder structure on the tool

It really supports all type of web resources. The only limitation is you can’t preview Silverlight web resources.

I didn’t write documentation yet so just explore menus, buttons et use your mouse to right click on the treeview elements to have more actions capabilities.





As usual the tool is available on CodePlex. Please use it instead comments to ask questions, submit bugs, etc.


Dave Berry said…
Very cool, Tanguy. How does this compare to the Web Resource Utility that comes packaged with the SDK? I believe this tool marks one more beer from me at the Summit.
Tanguy said…
The utility shipped with the sdk allows you to add web resources quickly but I think not so much more.

Mine let you create a folder structure, edit content for code resources or replace web resources with new files. You can also preview images and icons which is pretty cool.

The objective of this tool is clear: not having to browse multiple web pages to manage existing or new web resources.
Dave Berry said…
Excellent work. Reason I mention it is because I featured the SDK utility in a recent writing that I'm working on, but would prefer to feature your utility instead, if it offers a better experience. Thanks for clarifying.
Dutch said…
Tanguy, I'm using the SDK Toolkit that integrates with Visual Studio, and it works pretty nicely for this. One drawback however is that when I edit and then publish a web resource that is used on an OnLoad event (for instance account_onload.js) I then need to publish the account form in CRM as well for my change to take effect. Does your tool take care of this automatically? In other words when you publish a web resource does it publish the forms that it is used on as well?
Simon Jackson said…
NIce one Tanguy. The VS toolkit is fairly cool but I keep an eye on this one. Wouldn't it be cool if we could register the script for the onload event from your IDE without having to go into CRM. .. :)

Any well done and thanks for sharing.
Linn Zaw Win said…
Excellent tool..... This one makes my life a lot easier especially on client site scripting. Now, I no longer need to load from external JScript files for faster debugging and development...

Thanks a lot.
Steve Shissler said…
Thank you, I just came across this tool today, it is very useful in editing and saving / publishing web resources. One issue I have, which might be a nice enhancement if you can figure out how to do it, is that it is literally impossible (as far as I can tell) to know when the web resource changes have been cached by the
CRM Online servers. Our company has a plugin that uses a web resource to map fields between CRM Online (or On Prem) and out application server. Anyway, thank you again, I am very impressed by the tools you have available via codeplex and will make a small donation to help your efforts!
Tanguy said…
Thanks Steve!
Unfortunately, there is no way to know when the customizations are really published to CRM Online. I know there are some problems in publishing latency currently...

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