Some remarks on my CRM 2011 tools


Some of you may have noticed that I update frequently the tools on codeplex projects… It’s just because I don’t have the possibility to test them against all type of deployments (regarding connections) or all usage possibilities (for example, all different combination of SiteMaps, all views configuration, etc.). I receive some issue by email from my fellow MVP’s and update the tools…

So, if one tool you used crashes or don’t work as expected, please start by visiting the codeplex project page to be sure you have the latest version. I try to maintain version number to ease this check.

If the last version still gets error, please feel free to create an issue on the codeplex project Issue Tracker page.

If you need extra features, create a new discussion thread.

Last but not least, if this tool is useful to you, rate it on the codeplex project page

PS: I have no more tools on my mind right now so don’t expect anything new if coming weeks…

PS2: I’m a liar… I have a tool in development since a long time, a ribbon editor but ribbons are so complicated that I really can’t release it as a beta/stable product… This tool is kind of a wizard to update ribbons but you will still need to know how a ribbon works… So, question: are you interested if I release this tool as an alpha product on codeplex, meaning this can crashes from everywhere?


Anonymous said…
I would love a ribbon editor tool :)
Anonymous said…
me too :)
Anonymous said…
Yes, its should be very usefully tool.
We have released the Ribbion editor on codeplex. Please use and provide feedback

Michael Dodd said…
Yes, I would love to have a ribbon editor. Please keep chipping away and if you want to collaborate or need someone to test I would be happy to oblige...
James said…
Do you have an import tool that updates records if they already exist? This would be useful for importing product or customer data from other systems into Dynamics CRM 2011.



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