Q2 2012 Service Update Beta released

So, as many people, your read the Preview Guide for Q2 2012 Service Update and can’t wait anymore to test all these new features?
You can test it now!
Microsoft release a public beta version yesterday. Just remember that this Q2 2012 Service Update is also known as Release 8, which is not Update Rollup 8.
You will find below a quote shamelessly copied Girish Raja's blog for more information.

What does the beta include?

  • A test only on-premises build
  • Pre-recorded feature overview sessions and power point presentation files
  • Pre-release implementation guide
  • SDK and readme.
Again we’d like to emphasize that the beta release is for test purposes only, and not for production usage. There is no migration path from the beta to the final release, so please plan accordingly and use appropriate test environments. There are elements of upcoming release that are not included in the beta, for example Mobility or CRMOnline specific features are not offered as part of the beta but will be available in the final release.

Where can you get the beta release?

The bits are available on Microsoft Connect site. Please follow the steps below to get access.
  1. Please provision an account on the R8 Beta Connect site by clicking on this link. https://connect.microsoft.com/site687/InvitationUse.aspx?ProgramID=7663&InvitationID=crnb-FJTQ-QPB3
  2. Please complete the R8 Beta Access Survey using this link. (this link will not work until you complete step 1 above) http://connect.microsoft.com/site687/Survey/Survey.aspx?SurveyID=14211
  3. Please access the R8 Beta Package using this link. (this link will not work until you complete steps 1&2 above) https://connect.microsoft.com/site687/Downloads
  4. Please pose any questions about the R8 Beta using this R8 Beta Discussion Group here. (this link will not work until you complete steps 1&2 above) http://innovation.connect.microsoft.com/CRM2011R8Beta/Thread/View.aspx?ThreadId=6861


Post all questions on the Connect discussion group linked above in step #4. If you are having trouble accessing the connect links above, please send an email to crmtapbeta@microsoft.com.


Lassaad.C said…
it is a Q2 2012 Service Update not Q4
Jimmy said…
Hi, sorry for my ignorance, but I wonder if these Services Updates are available or embedded through Rollups Updates, or are they an separate update package. If so, how I can get them for application my clients On Premise CRM?

Mohammed Said said…
How can I Customize the workplace
Tanguy said…
@Jimmy, Service Update are part of a rollup.
Q4 2012 will be part of Rollup 9

@Mohammed : Use my SiteMapEditor, see link on the right side of this blog

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