Important Update : View Layout Replicator


This post to warn you about the existing version of ViewLayoutReplicator.

You can experience troubles with your lookup fields when browsing for records if you have replicated a public view to the search view of the lookup related entity.

The behavior is the following:

When selecting a record from the search window, the lookup field just contains the icon of the entity and not the primary attribute as the result of the selection. This is due to the "preview" attribute of the search view that should be "0" (and not "1" which happens if you used the ViewLayoutReplicator as described above).

To correct this behavior, simply download the new version of the tool and replicate the view again.


Anonymous said…
We found out the same after a support call from Microsoft :)
One more issue, for some views it is not possible to show atributes from child entities. When you replicate a view you get an error.

For the rest I think this is a perfect tool!
Tanguy said…

Thanks for the feedback. Could you tell me if the problem occurs with system and/or custom entities? system and/or custom attributes?
Anonymous said…

It is for all entities and attributes.
And te problem only occurs with the "associated view" of entities.

On this view it is not possible to add fields from parent entities(so not child as i said in the previous post). With your tool you can add fields from parent entities on this view. And this gives an error.

I also wonder what the tool is doing with the fields in the find column (on the wuick find view).
Tanguy said…
There was a bug in the code... but the check was planned for the associated view.

Anyway, the code is now corrected... :)
Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
I used the tool to remove sveral fields from all views - now I try and delete the attribute it says that the attribute is still being used by the view.

Any ideas?

Anonymous said…

It looks a very usefull tool,

However, I don't know exactly how it works.
How can I add some fields to a view, how can I copy/paste a view (I don't know if it is possible...), could you please give me some explanations?

Many thanks in advance,

Tanguy said…
Hi Pierre Yves,

This tool just does a view layout replication.

So you have to design one view on the CRM interface, then you use this tool to apply the same layout to the other views of the entity
This kind of information is very limited on internet. Nice to find the post related to my searching criteria. Your updated and informative post will be appreciated by blog loving people.

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Ivor said…
We used the View Replicator and encountered the problems outlined above, where the lookup's were not working correctly. We corrected this by adjusting the XML on the view as was detailed. So that fixed the problem at that point.

Now we are trying to show CRM views inside Sharepoint Web parts and are getting errors, and are wondering whether there were other changes to the XML file that are now causing this. We have tested the web parts on a clean CRM XML file with no issues, so we know that the CRM customisations are the problem. There are no significant customsiations on the application, just a few fields have been added, and the view replicator was used!!
Tanguy said…
Ho Ivor,

Basically, the tool just took the layoutxml part of the source view and apply it to the target views.

So the first thing you should try is to implement the view your designed manually (ie. the active records one) on your sharepoint and see if it is working or not.

If it is working, there should be somethiong wrong with my tool even if I can't see what now. If it is crashing too, then the tool is not involved.

Please keep me informed about this test.
Jordan M said…
Hi Tanguy,

Thank you for your help Tanguy, I tried your suggestion and it worked!
I have been working with Ivor to fix issues around Dynamics CRM list web parts, and SharePoint Enterprise Search (indexing CRM).

I tried your suggestion of creating some clean, unreplicated views and testing these with the web parts. This worked, and I can see data for the entity as long as I use these clean views.

i.e. the "contacts" entity had the view replicator applied. This means the default view "Active Contacts" does not work. We can create a new view to replace this and make this view a default view and this will work in the CRM web parts in SharePoint which is great.

The problem is that we also use the Business Data Connector for SharePoint Enterprise Search. This BDC connector uses an ADF file (XML) to map and connect to entities in CRM. Search returns results, when clicked an error is shown. Normal behaviour is, CRM results are returned in SharePoint search and clicking on these provides a screen with a summary of CRM details.

The logs show an error for a SQL query from SharePoint to the CRM database. This suggests the XML schema has been altered.

Could you please:
1. Provide a way to reset a CRM entity to its original state
2. Provide the changes to the XML that view replicator makes
3. Contact me to resolve this issue

All search across CRM is indexing and returning results, but failing on click through. If I start with a clean Organisation in CRM, this works. After importing customisations that include entities with view replicator, this fails.

Please advise,
Jordan M
Tanguy said…
Could you tell me what type of view was replicated?
Jordan M said…
The replicator was run from the Active View for the appropriate entity (The default view) and applied to the other views within the entity.

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