New tool : Documentation generator

Hi guys,

What is more awful than writing documentation about entities and attributes used in a project? Can’t see…

I love the tool from Sonoma Partners to generate documentation but it has some limitations:

  • Only OnPremise deployments are supported
  • It generates only Excel document
  • It is a command line utility (I do love UI…)

So, today, I released my own document generator. It can generate Excel or Word document and provide some options to select what you want to see in the generated documentation. Read the documentation on CodePlex for more information about options.


As usual, CodePlex link, don’t foget to rate it if you like it, you can support me by making a donation on PayPal.

Please prefer CodePlex discussion to ask question, report bug


Shai said…
You are the greatest.
Anonymous said…
This might be the best news I've had all week!
TM121 said…
This is the tool I have been waiting. Thanks Tanguy!
I have a question. Why do I get an error message "The Remote name could not be resolved 'crm' after I got the organization name and asking me if I would like to connect.

This happens on premises.
However, I have no problem with the on-line version

Anyone have any idea?
Tanguy said…
Hi TM121,

This error generally means that you change the name of your server after installation or something like this.
When the program uses the discovery service, it gets the url of the organization you selected. so if the name of the server was changed but the internal organization services were not, then you could get this kind of error message.
Use fiddler to see the url called.
And, for next question, please use codeplex, much more easy for me to follow questions in codeplex.
Peter Hörnell said…
Great stuff, this is exactly what we need! I have a suggestion. Would it be possible to create a file that stores saved information of selected entities and fields that you could load? That would help alot if I would like to generate the documentation several times while you customize the system for example.
Tanguy said…
Hi Peter, I like the idea...

I say it again, but please use codeplex for this kind of request, it is much more easy for me to follow
Peter Hörnell said…
I will do that! Thanks again for your work Tanguy! Awsome contribution.
MK said…
Great Tool. Now Documentation is one click job !!!
Thanks Tanguy.
Is there a limitation on the amount of attributes that the program returns? I seem to be hitting a maximum of 120 attributes on a particular entity (contact).
Moe Nawaz said…
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Anonymous said…
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Peter Clamp said…
This is an impressive and really useful tool! Is there a way to listing the attributes on a given form, and include the Tab and Section names where the attributes are located?
Tanguy said…
Hi Peter,
That could be possible of course but I will need to write this feature first :)
So, seriously, there is no such feature right now but maybe in some future release
Top 3 Packers said…
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Anonymous said…
Many thanks!!

...How about a security role documentation generator...? :)

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