New tool! Header Builder


I developed a new tool, a small one this time.

It simply allows you to create a new header for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 application.

Some customers don't want to highlight the name and logo of the solution and prefer to put their own company logo instead.

With this tool, you can choose an image and merge it with the header background of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.

The programm manages transparency, size and position of the image on the header background.

You can then save the new header iamge and replace the original one located in CRMWeb\_imgs\masthead.jpg (don't foget that it is unsupported and you must backup the original file)

No screenshot for the moment



Anonymous said…
I guess this only works for the Web version - yes? What about if you want to change the CRM menu in Outlook - so for example you can write the customers’ company name instead of the default "Microsoft Dynamic CRM"?.
Tanguy said…
You are right, it just works for the web application
Anonymous said…
Hello !
I just made a nice new header and exchanged the old one. I found 3 files which i exchanged because i have 3 organisations in it. the Problem now is that it's showing the old header everywhere !!! I stopped the site in iis and started it again. I tried cache emptying in the browser but nothing would help :( im searching now for the iis reset command maybe this will help after all or you have any suggestions for me ?

AQll in all also a big thanks ! I have used many of your CRM tools already ! You should place a donate function on your website !

Greetings from Germany
Anonymous said…
Hey its me !
i made the comment before.
Awfully iisreset won't help either :(
What cna i do now to get this header available ? :(

Thanks in advance !
Tanguy said…
The header is shared across organizations, so you can't have one header per org.

This also works only for CRM 4.0. Don't know which version you are using
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the fast response but i guess you didnt read right.
I gave each one the same header i had to exchange 3 files and i thought because there are 3 organizations there were 3 files !
But they all shall get the same header.
The problem is it wont be exchanged in the browser when you open the CRM ! i even tried iisreset and different browser with emptying cache before but it keeps showing the old disgusting ms danymics header. . .

Any help highly appreciated ;)

Sorry if my english sucks but please be patient because i'm no native and com from europe
Anonymous said…
Hi again,
I dunno why but suddenly it worked.
I just exchanged the files 2 times again and the third time it showed the new header on the page :)
So thanks for the help and for this tutorial :)

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