Tools Update : New connection control

Hi everybody,

Following a user request, I added a new connection control in all my tools, which allows to save and load connections configuration from/to a configuration file. This file is used by all the tools.

Here is the connection control


The password request form (as passwords are not stored in the configuration file)


And actually, the form which allows to select one of the existing connections configuration. It is used when an action requires an active connection to a CRM Server.


In order to help you to download all updated tools, I created an archive containing all tools.


Scott Sewell said…
The new connector works great. Nice work.
Jeremy said…
Good job!
But I get the message "You must be connected to load entities list!" and at the same time the connection control says that I am connected yet... What's the problem?
Tanguy said…
Which tool gave you this message?
Tanguy said…
Found it! it was the ISV configuration Manager.

I corrected it...

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