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I love the CRM forums because lot of people are asking very interesting question...

The last I liked was: how to remove some activities when I click on "New" button in the activities grid or when I click to the top menu "New activity".
Indeed, if you don't want to use the campaign response activity, or any other of them, you can't hide them in a native and supported way.

So, I give you some hints to hide these activities.

Please be aware that these methods are unsupported! Make a backup of each mentionned file before follwoing this procedure.

Removing an activity in the "New" activity dialog in activities grid
To remove the activity you want, open the file \Activities\dlg_create.aspx.

Search for the block in blue in the screenshot below. You can comment or delete the lines that correspond to the activities you need to hide. Then save the file.

Removing an activity from the "New activity" top menu
For this one, open the file \_root\bar_top.aspx.

Search for the function "CheckAddin()". This method is called during page loading. Add the line (see screenshot below) corresponding to the activity you need to hide.

The all list of activities id is:
  • btn_new_task
  • btn_new_fax
  • btn_new_phonecall
  • btn_new_email
  • btn_new_letter
  • btn_new_appointment
  • btn_new_serviceappointment
  • btn_new_campaignresponse
The result, if I hide the camaping response activity is below:


Anonymous said…
The function CheckAddIn()does not exist in my \_root\bar_top.aspx file. Therefore I'm unsure how to continue...
Tanguy said…
The CheckAddin function should exists if your CRM server is updated with at least rollup 7.

What is your rollup version?
Anonymous said…
Hi, I have rollup 5 but the function CheckAddIn()does not exist ... thanks
Anonymous said…
What about creating follow up task from FORM Assistant on entity record.
Tanguy said…
Well, honestly, I never tried to remove activities capabilities from the form assistant...

I'll try if I find time for this
Is there any way to do this in the CRM 2011 online version?
Tanguy said…

It is possible to hide new activity menu items or button by updating the ribbon.

This is not so easy but doable...
Thank you Tanguy,

Is it possible to hide existing Activity types (e.g. Fax, Campaign Response) from the "File->New Activity" menu? I can't find a way to do this. I can't find a way to hide new ones either - don't know what definitions to use on the ribbon.

For the Fax activity, I could just open up the customizations.xml file and set "IsActivity" to 0??
Anonymous said…

if the function CheckAddIn()does not exist in \_root\bar_top.aspx file, you can use this code in script tag:

function window.onload() {
if (!IsNull(document.getElementById('btn_new_campaignresponse'))) {
document.getElementById('btn_new_campaignresponse').style.display = 'none';
Tomas Lollike said…

I have some custom made activities in CRM, to display activities that are created and controled outside of CRM.
I would therefore like to hide the possibility to create new activities of these types in CRM, but still leave the possibility to create "normal" activities like Task, Phonecall ect.

I would prefer to stik to supported methods like Jscript or RibbonDiffXml changes - if possible...

(I'm working on a CRM 2011 OnPremise solution).

Hope you can help...!

Meilleurs salutations,
Tomas ;-)
Tanguy said…
Hi Tomas,

The solution of this post only applies to CRM 4.0.

I didn't look at the possibilty to do the same in CRM 2011.

Please use Microsoft Forums to ask the question.
Tomas Lollike said…
Hi Tanguy,
Thanks for answering so quick! :-)
Unknown said…
Check this, you can hide it from activity dropdown

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