Tool Update: BulkDeleteLauncher


So much posts on my blog in these days… :)

Some of you must know that the SDK has been updated with version 4.0.12 (download link).

I am responsible of one of the SDK update, as I opened a case regarding the error occuring when using MONTHLY recurrence :

Recurrence Pattern in Asynchronous Job Execution
Corrected information about job execution frequency. Removed "MONTHLY" interval and added "YEARLY" interval.

If you used my tool, you will have noticed that the MONTHLY recurrency was not working. It was a type mismatch in the SDK that is now corrected.

So the tool was also corrected to remove MONTHLY recurrency and add YEARLY recurrency.

Use the usual link to download the last version.


Anonymous said…
I tried to bult delete from the contractdetails entity and the tool does not return the views. Thoughts?
Tanguy said…
Hi anonymous :)

As there is no system views for contract details, you need to create your own view using advanced find.

Then the tool will retrieve this query and you will be able to use it for deleting records.
Anonymous said…
I have a problem with this tool. I've created a deletion job before, it was successful. Now I want to create new one for entity Account and I have a message "Error while retrieving views: An item with the same key has already been added."

What is wrong? Can I add more jobs?
Anonymous said…
I solved the problem. there were two views with the same name in CRM. After deletion views are visible in tool.

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