New tool : Home page updater

This tool is a pretty small one and was created as I was looking how it was possible to bulk update user options.

So, the tool just allows you to select users and define which pane and tab will be used as the user home page.




Anonymous said…

I created an image of my production enviorment and attempted to modify the registry and server configuration to create a dev enviroment for dynamics. In running your tool, it seems to be picking up my production enviroment even though I specify the dev parameters.

Can you tell me, how does your program populate the and xml data in mscrmtools.config? I must have missed a reference somewhere in my conversion and would very much like to find where that value is coming from!!
Tanguy said…
When making your production environment image, you have to update the MSCRM_CONFIG database (deploymentproperties table) which contains web services url. The discoveryservice used by my tools read these values.

So, just look at the datatable for your production environment and update them with your new environment values
Anonymous said…
Thank you!!! I couldn't seem to find these entries in the database. I changed registry keys, SQL settings, Dynamics settings, but for the life of me I couldn't find these last two. Cheers!
Anonymous said…
Hi Tanguy,

thank you for this tool, it looks pretty sleek! Are you planning an update for Crm2011?

Tanguy said…
It already exists!

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