Tool update: View Layout Replicator

Hi all,

After a week of holidays in a charming French island in the Atlantic ocean, I’m back with full battery!

Just before my holidays, I updated the view layout replicator since I encountered some difficulties replicating views with related entity attributes. In fact, the tool wasn’t able to manage these attributes correctly.

So here is the update:

  • You can now replicate views with related entity attributes
  • For associated view (that doesn’t support these related entity attributes) that is chosen as target view, the entity related attributes are not replicated and a message warns you about this particular treatment. In previous version, the view was not replicated at all.

As usual, you can download the latest version on the right panel of this blog.


Anonymous said…

This is a great tool it's easy to use.

I came accross one Problem the views are not being duplicated into the CRM Outlook Client.

Anonymous said…
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