Many charts leads to too many views : the (simple) solution

I do like all new visualization stuffs that come with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011! Of course, I’m talking about Charts and Dashboards. This is really a nice way to display key figures related to our customers data and objectives

Nevertheless, I faced more than one time a counter part of this easy way to display charts: I have now too many system views and the users can’t bear having to display twenty views where only two or three of them are not designed for charts.

Here comes another new feature: the ability to deactivate system views. The good point here is that even a deactivated view can be used in dashboards. It has still to be active when designing the chart or the dashboard but when it’s done, you can deactivate the view.


Have you checked this with Microsoft?
Sounds to me like a typical thing that might be "fixed" in an upcoming rollup or something.
Good tip though!

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