The path to fame: New version of CRM 2011 SDK

Microsoft just released a new version of CRM 2011 SDK!

If you look deeply into it to gather information about the SiteMap, you could find my name somewhere Sourire


Look the page here


Anonymous said…
I saw the sitemap editor had made it into the CRM 2011 SDK.

it's about time they started shipping useful things like this in the SDK rather than make people search the internet

well done sir
Dave Berry said…
Congratulations, Tanguy! You've got to be the first MVP I've ever seen in the SDK.
Unknown said…
Congratulations, Tanguy!
Hi Tanguy,

My name is Sunil & I'm writing to you from Packt Publishing.

We have published the "Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 New Features" written by Jim Wang & Darren liu.
Would you be interested in reviewing this book for us on your site.
Let me know&I'd be glad to send you an e-copy

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